Columbarium Walls

by Cremation Walls Ireland

Columbarium Walls provide a suitable resting place within a cemetary or graveyard for the placing of cremated remains. Each Columbarium Wall is divided into niches with a front panel allowing space for the deceased’s name or a memorial plaque.
Columbarium Walls provide local councils and parishes with the ability to accommodate more remains within graveyards and cemetaries which are near capacity.

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What We Do

Columbarium Walls are becoming more commonplace in Irish cemeteries as pressure grows on the amount of burial space available. People’s final wishes are also changing with more and more opting for cremation over the traditional burial.
Reflecting these changes, Tracey-Rennicks Memorials are now providing parishes and local councils with the ability to provide their communities with a Columbarium Wall option within their own local cemeteries and graveyards.

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We can provide local parishes or town councils a full Columbarium Wall service – from initial design and manufacture right through to full installation in the cemetery or graveyard.
The Columbarium Wall installation process can be completed in 2 days and so will not unduly disrupt visitors to the graveyard.

About Tracey-Rennicks

Tracey-Rennicks Memorials was established in 1997 as a family run headstones and memorials firm based in Navan, Co. Meath. The Rennicks family have been stone cutters dating back over five generations where they worked in the old quarry in Ardbraccan, Navan, Co. Meath which has produced stone used in buildings such as the Custom House in Dublin.
Greg’s father Philip ran the business until he sadly he passed away in 2006 at which time the business was passed down to Greg, who has continued the fine tradition of personal service, attention to detail as well as quality workmanship and the finest materials.
Greg now brings these same levels of personal service, attention to detail as well as quality workmanship and the finest materials to his Columbarium Walls service.

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Over the years, Tracey-Rennicks Memorials have provided a full range of traditional and modern headstones as well as custom or bespoke memorials on request.
We are now proud to introduce a range of Columbarium Walls and we invite enquiries from any parish committee or local council responsible for the management of their local community cemeteries.
For further information on any of the extensive range of services provided, please contact Greg on (086) 362 0405 or